Weird Things Do Happen

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I was on my blogs and stopped to tend to something. When I got back, my blog was belonging to my son-in-law for whom I had spent some time writing fitness blog posts. It was pretty weird. I could not get on as Susan, and I could not get rid of my son-in-laws’ name and address.

To make a long story shorter, I went in by way of his blog and changed all of the information except his name and the personal trainer part and took back my blog. I had put in a request with WP to see if they could help, but since I don’t have a paid blog, if they come up  with a fix we can work on it. Meanwhile, I hope you will pass along the blog address to people you know are following me. I had to patch it together.

I am going to have to find all of the folks I follow. Please help me out if you can.


Susan (not Glenn)